About Us


In this age of internet and borderless world, if your company does not have an online presence then you just can’t compete anymore.

Sabah and specifically those in KK have access to the internet for almost 20 years and yet, many companies do not have their own online presence. Many are satifisfied with only having a Facebook page. One of the main reason for this is the difficulty in getting a web developer to help them in coming up with a professional and user-friendly website. Indeed it is hard to find a web developer in KK if you don’t know where to look.

This is where the KK Top Web steps in! We can help you and your organization stand shoulder-to-shoulder with just about any other company anywhere in the world. We are a web design team from KK Sabah. You can count on us as we are backed by experience and technical skills to give your website that professional look and feel.

Our team is led by Jeffrey who himself has a wealth of experience with almost 20 years of dabbling in web technologies. Skillset includes HTML, CSS*, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, Joomla CMS and WordPress. After working with a few companies as in-house web developer and graphic designer, Jeffrey has enough skills and know-how to lead his own team and manage web projects.

Contact us today and he will personally attend to your query! You can get our contact details here. Alternatively you can also use our online form.

Jeffrey Michael – founder and lead developer.