kk-top-web-logo-text2Hi. Thanks for dropping by our site! Since this is our first post I would like to thanks everyone who has been supporting me all these years, without you guys, this wouldn’t be possible.

One might ask, why don’t you have a website after so long doing this for other people. It’s simple, I wasn’t going all out as I was on doing this as my second job.

This time however, I am doing this fulltime and hence, I need a proper website now.

KK is a big city now, with hundreds of companies and newer ones coming out almost daily. I hope I can fit in and plug in the hole in the demand for a website designer especially local one. So if you know anyone or any company that needs a web developer either to create from scratch or handle their existing website, email me at contact@kktopweb.com or WhatsApp me at 011 1516 4745.

Til the next post.